“Futureworld – where you can’t tell the robots from the machines – even when you look in the mirror!”

A beautifully detailed and colourful film poster for Richard T. Heffron’s “Futureworld” the sequel to to Michael Crichton’s hugely successful sci-fi thriller “Westworld”.  Taking place a number of years after the ‘incidents’ of the original is history about to repeat itself ? The pop-art, almost psychedelic quality to the poster is certainly impressive and a unique design only used on the UK quad film poster. Totally original & unrestored this originally folded (as issued) UK quad film poster is from first year of release, 1976. It displays & presents to excellent effect with amazing sci-fi artwork (great artwork of the stars Peter Fonda & Blythe Danner. The image of the faceless robot workman is quite un-nerving) and bright vibrant unfaded colours. Scarce and very collectable, this original UK quad film poster represents a fine piece of original film movie memorabilia.

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UK Quad (30" x 40") Single Sided

Country of Origin

UK / British


Very Fine plus; originally folded (as issued)


Richard T. Heffron


Arthur Hill, Blythe Danner, John Ryan, Peter Fonda, Stuart Margolin, Yul Brynner

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