The Hateful Eight



“The bounty hunter. The Hangman. The Confederate. The Sheriff. The Mexican. The little man. The cow puncher. The prisoner…Eight strangers. One deadly connection.”

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Quentin Tarantino’s 8th Film…“The Hateful Eight” is a bloody, brutal, who dun-it epic. Released in 2015 it proved a huge commercial & critical success and in keeping with previous Tarantino movie merchandising offerings the film posters have became very collectible. Officially licensed by Tarantino who worked closely with Jason and Mondo’s team to create an image that represented the films iconic and titular “eight,” while also wanting to pay special attention to the lush, vast snowy landscapes captured in glorious 70mm.  Edmiston has truly achieved what I feel to be among his best and certainly most technically proficient screen prints ever. The artist had this to say about the project…”Quentin Tarantino is my favorite contemporary director, and Mondo thrilled me with the offer to attack an official poster for his latest movie, THE HATEFUL EIGHT. Enthralled by the film, I accepted the challenge. The eight titular characters are as equally important to the plot of the movie as the super wide, glorious 70 millimeter Panavision presentation. I wanted to feature both the diverse personalities and the beautiful, expansive landscape during a raging snow storm that reflects the energy inside the Haberdashery. Stylistically, Italian western posters of the 60s and 70s influenced my approach since this production shares many of those films’ typical characters and plot cues. I also wanted to maintain as much of my painted style as possible within the limitations of screen printing. I maximized the three-dimensional quality by purposefully layering my background, middle-ground and foreground elements to tell a story. Starting with a full value, black and white traditional painting, I then finalized it digitally. Comprised of 10 layers, created one at a time, the completed work combines a mix of opaque and transparent inks to emulate a full color watercolor painting. The entire process from concept to final poster took nearly 6 weeks. It was a labor of love and perhaps my proudest accomplishment to date”…Totally unrestored this originally rolled unfolded (as issued) example (#1258/2975) displays to exceptional effect. Perfect, bright colours this is a truly outstanding and extremely rare film poster that represents a key item of highly sought after modern Quentin Tarantino movie memorabilia.

Trivia: Takes place in the same universe as Quentin Tarantino‘s previous film, Django Unchained(2012), even though it is not a sequel. Ironically, Samuel L. Jackson and Walton Gogginsplay villains in that movie, and are the good guys in this one.


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Mondo Limited Edition Jason Edmiston Hand Numbered #1258/2975 (24″ x 36″), Mondo Limited Edition Jason Edmiston Hand Numbered #1268/2975 (24″ x 36″)

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United States (USA)


Near Mint – Flat/Unfolded


Quentin Tarantino


Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, James Parks, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Madsen, Samuel L Jackson, Tim Roth, Walton Goggins

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