The Evil of Frankenstein

The Evil of Frankenstein Movie Poster


“I realized long ago that the only way to prove my theories was to make something in my laboratory that actually lived. I never told you, Hans… I succeeded once.”

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A truly stunning original country of origin UK quad movie poster for Hammer’s 1964 third Frankenstein offering…“The Evil of Frankenstein. Kiwi Kingston, played the ‘Creature’ and takes prominent position on the British film poster which provides an outstanding piece of horror artwork. As evidenced here the artistic quality of the Hammer posters used to advertise the films were of an extremely high standard setting a high benchmark for the time and the genre. Now distributed by Universal Studios, Hammer had free rein to copy elements from the Universal franchise, most noticeably the ‘Creature’s’ make-up and the laboratory sets first used in the 1930’s. The original UK quad film movie poster offered here is from first year of release 1964 and displays to excellent effect. Originally folded (as issued) it has been professionally conservation linen-backed with the fold lines flattened out (only evident on the closest of inspections) giving a rolled appearance. Finished with beautiful deep vivid colours and printed in a stone-litho style. Incredibly scarce and highly collectible…an excellent example of original country of origin rare Hammer Horror movie memorabilia.

Trivia: To enhance the authenticity Peter Cushing, was adamant on the technical details of his performance, and always demanded the presence of technical advisors on set. During the surgical sequences, he wanted to make sure he used the scalpel correctly so… “to convince any doctors in the audience”.


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UK Quad (30" x 40") Single Sided, T.P. LTD PRINTED IN ENGLAND

Country of Origin

British / UK


Very Fine plus; originally folded (as issued) now Conservation Linen Backed


Freddie Francis


Peter Cushing, Duncan Lamont, Katy Wild, Kiwi Kingston, Peter Woodthorpe, Sandor Elès

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