Taste The Blood of Dracula – “Une Messe Pour Dracula”

Taste The Blood of Dracula - "Une Messe Pour Dracula"


“They taste his blood and the horror begins !”

The fourth time Christopher Lee donned the Count’s red satin trimmed cloak. A very solid trademark Hammer movie “Taste the Blood of Dracula” (Une Messe Pour Dracula) is a great big Gothic gambol filled with decaying churches, overripe bodices, and secret-society shenanigans From its evocative Victorian London locales to the straightforward revenge storyline, this is one bloodsucking frolic that doesn’t fall short of the mark. This striking French Petite Affiche features country unique artwork by LANDI and is from the original year of release 1970. Originally folded (as issued) this superb example is totally original and unrestored and represents a very collectable piece of Hammer Horror movie  memorabilia. Printed in Paris by Ets St Martin imp Paris Kel 05 95 Visa N3871.

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French Petite (23" x 31")

Country of Origin



Very Fine plus; originally folded (as issued)


Peter Sasdy


Christopher Lee, Geoffrey Keen, Gwen Watford, Linda Hayden

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