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  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer’s Body


    “She’s evil… and not just high school evil”…Designed by The Refinery Megan Fox (in Sharon Stone Basic Instinct pose) has never looked sexierthan on this original 2009 small French Petite Affiche film poster for Megan Fox’s comedy horror film “Jennifer’s Body”. Extremely rare in this (very easy to display) format. Originally folded (single foldline) this poster, rather like Megan looks superb.

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  • Planet Terror - "Planete Terreur"

    Planet Terror – “Planete Terreur”


    “Humanity’s last hope…Rests on a high power machine gun”…Quentin Tarantino gave us “Death Proof” and Robert Rodriguez “Planet Terror” in their 2007 homage to the “Grindhouse” movies of the Seventies…With no UK or USA lobby cards produced this impressive set of 6 French lobby cards is not only very special but very rare and unique. An excellent set with a great selection of character and memorable scene cards…Cherry Darling (Rose McGowan) does tend to steal the show in her featured cards. All 6 present flawlessly (probably unused); the sratchy, faded and worn look is by design rather than wear. Included is the original Studio issued Planete Terreur liveried envelope…Fantastic value as a set…Very scarce extremely collectable & super cool !

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  • Satanic Rites of Dracula Movie Poster

    Satanic Rites of Dracula


    “My revenge has spread over centuries and has just begun!”

    The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1974) was the eighth Hammer film and the seventh and final one to feature Christopher Lee as Count Dracula and the last time Lee and Peter Cushing would star together. The British poster campaign was illustrated by Hammer’s regular artist Tom Chantrell. The green-wash background contrasts effectively with the red Day-Glo title of the film, with Lee’s Dracula the focus of attention against a London skyline featuring the familiar landmarks of Big Ben and the Post-Office Tower. Presented unrestored and in excellent original folded (as issued) condition, this originally belonged to the renowned horror historian and collector Forrest Ackerman and is accompanied by a certificate from his Estate. A personal favourite of mine and featured in Marcus Hearn’s excellent book “The Art of Hammer”. An excellent investment grade example of original rare Hammer Horror movie memorabilia.

    Trivia: Count Dracula poses as a multi-millionaire who is never seen in public and never photographed. A 1970s audience would inevitably have been reminded of the eccentric and reclusive Howard Hughes.

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  • The Hunter - "Le Chasseur"

    The Hunter – “Le Chasseur”


    “He’s not as fast as he used to be… That’s what makes him human. He’s a bounty hunter… And that’s what makes him dangerous”…Steve McQueen’s last stand. This original 1980 French Grande with gorgeous artwork (a fantastic headshot) by French master Jean Mascii is a fitting tribute to one of Cinema’s true greats.

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  • Zidane...A 21st Century Portrait

    Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait


    “A mesmerising 90 – minute all action documentary.”

    A scarce item of sports memorabilia, an original 2006 UK Quad movie poster for “Zidane…A 21st Century Portrait”. A great looking poster, especially if you are a football fan. Halfway between a sports documentary and an conceptual art installation, “Zidane” comprises a full-length soccer game (Real Madrid vs. Villareal, April 23, 2005) entirely filmed from the perspective of the French soccer icon and superstar Zinedine Zidane. Originally rolled (as issued) this superb example displays and presents to excellent effect featuring great black and white image of the titular ‘ZZ’. A fine piece of original memorabilia that will appeal to the sports or movie poster collector.

    Trivia: Filmed in real time over the course of a single match.

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