Day of the Dead



“First, he brought us the most frightening film ever made. Then he took his unique version of horror one step further. Now, George Romero takes us out of the night, beyond the dawn, and into the darkest day of horror the world has ever known.”

A return to a good old fashioned gore filled, flesh eating zombie fest for George A. Romero’s 1985 blood splattered second sequel “Day of the Dead”. Featuring country unique British design this original UK quad movie poster is certainly striking. This image of a wall of zombie faces is an image created especially for the British marketing campaign and it’s probably a marketing still that was released by the production team that the design is based on as this scene never appears in the film. From first year of release 1985 this folded (as issued) original, unrestored UK quad movie poster displays and presents to excellent effect with deep blue colour tone and bright fluorescent green logo. A really nice find and a genuinely scarce item of original movie memorabilia from this classic zombie horror film.

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UK Quad / Single Sided / (30″ x 40″) / Printed by Broomhead Litho Ltd. England

Country of Origin

UK / British


Near mint minus ; originally folded (as issued)


George A Romero


Joseph Pilato, Lori Cardille, Richard Liberty, Sherman Howard, Terry Alexander

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