Alex Ferguson: Never Give In



Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

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Double Sided, UK (British) One Sheet (27" x 40")

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UK / British


Near mint minus; originally rolled (as issued)


Jason Ferguson


Alex Ferguson, Archie Knox, Darren Ferguson, Eric Cantona, Gordon Strachan, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, George Best, Harry Gregg, Matt Busby

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“A look at the life and legend of Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson.”

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Due to a very limited cinematic release of this ‘art-house’ independent movie this poster is a truly scarce item of sports memorabilia, an original 2021 one-sheet movie poster for Jason Ferguson’s biopic “Alex Ferguson: Never Give In”. A strikingly simple poster design that clearly tells you that it is advertising a film about one of Manchester United‘s most successful manager and one of football’s greatest ever character’s – Alex Ferguson. Halfway between a sports documentary and a social statement on how a high profile job in football affects the life of everyone around them. Originally rolled (as issued) this superb example displays and presents to excellent effect featuring a portrait style close up colour photograph of the titular Ferguson. A fine piece of original memorabilia that will appeal to the Manchester United fan, sports and movie poster collector for one of the most lauded, famous and recognised football manager’s on the planet.

Trivia: Roy Keane refused to be interviewed for this film.

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Film Description

Alex Ferguson: Never Give In Movie Poster

“A revealing and deeply personal documentary about the life of Sir Alex Ferguson, from his working-class roots in Glasgow to his career as one of the greatest football managers of all time. While recovering from a traumatic brain hemorrhage, Sir Alex intimately recounts details of his life and career to his son, including his legendary 26-year tenure as manager of Manchester United. Directed by Sir Alex’s son, Jason Ferguson, this is a moving story about the extraordinary power of memory. Alex recalls his career vividly – every trophy, every defeat, and every player. From his own successful playing career and prolific goal-scoring at Scottish clubs, including Rangers, to his move into management and leading Aberdeen to the European Cup Winners’ Cup, and then finally his move south to Old Trafford. After a testing few years at United, he turned the club’s fortunes around and led them to over two decades of consistent success. Under Ferguson’s guidance, Manchester United won a glittering array of trophies, including 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups, and two UEFA Champions League titles. He has won more trophies than any other manager in football history. The film features candid interviews with Alex himself, his wife Cathy, his three sons, as well as former colleagues and elite players including Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs and Gordon Strachan. This is a film about the bond between a father and son, an exploration of leadership and mental toughness, and a celebration of one of football’s greatest careers.”

“Alex Ferguson: Never Give In is a sport documentary about a man who transformed the fortunes of quite a few British football clubs over a career that spanned five decades. From humble Glaswegian beginnings through his playing and management days, his son Jason Ferguson takes us on a guided tour of his father’s not inconsiderable achievements as a footballing icon. Now, to be sure, this is adulatory – it hasn’t an objective bone in it’s body. Somehow, though, that doesn’t really matter so much. Certainly, I would have like more contributions from his contemporaries, and it could be doing with some counterbalance to illustrate that this man made plenty of professional enemies throughout his time in football, but that isn’t what anyone seems to be trying to achieve here, so we are left with some quotes from Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona and Gordon Strachan to illustrate his grit, determination and focus as well as some quotes from the man himself that illustrate a little of what drove him, and of the sacrifices he (and his family) made along the way. It features some brief actuality from his footballing career, but for me the imagery that was most absorbing was the Glasgow of the 1950s and 1960s – a city still struggling from the drastic economic decline that even then was still trying to rebuild after the ravages of WWII. For any one man to have packed so much into his life merits a film like this, and regardless of your footballing loyalties this is a man who well deserves the accolade.

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