“By the time he’s ready to kill you, it’s an act of mercy.”

A classic British gangster film of the early 70’s, “Villain” remains a superbly made and well crafted example of pure villainy and layered characters making the best of a perfectly cast Richard Burton. Much like Michael Caine’s “Get Carter” (which was made and released at the same time)  it received a rather lack lustre limited release in UK cinemas as it was perceived more as a ‘T.V. movie’ with the film going audiences keener to see more American ‘Mafia’ inspired content. Meaning that any paper is scarce, making this original 1971 country of origin British UK one sheet film poster a rare find and particularly striking in this portrait style. Featuring a gun-toting Richard Burton in a striking, blue toned country unique design & artwork this excellent unrestored example presents to excellent effect. Rolled (as issued) it represents an impressive piece of collectable original film memorabilia from a much under-rated British gangster film.

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UK (British) One Sheet (27" x 40"), Single Sided / Printed in ENGLAND by R.J.WALLMAN

Country of Origin

UK / British


Near Mint / Originally rolled (as issued)


Michael Tuchner


Donald Sinden, Ian McShane, Nigel Davenport, Richard Burton

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