The Land That Time Forgot

The Land That Time Forgot Movie Poster


“I do not expect anyone to believe the story that I am about to relate. It even seems incredible to me that all that I have passed through, all those weird and terrifying experiences, should have been encompassed within as short a span as three brief months. It must have been a little after 3 o’clock in the afternoon that it began”

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“Journey to a savage world where time is extinct !”The tagline says it all really…A cinema poster that truly reflects what a master of his art Tom Chantrell was. A stunning original 1975 UK film poster for Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “The Land That Time Forgot”. It’s got everything; dinosaurs, bigger dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs, under water dinosaurs (yes lots of dinosaurs) German U-Boats, cavemen, erupting volcanoes and cleavage. If Carlsberg made boys own fantasy posters it would be exactly like this one. Such was the popularity of this poster that most were pinned, taped, stuck and affixed to male bedroom walls up and down the country resulting in high grade examples (such as offered here) being in extremely short supply. Originally folded (as issued) this beautiful example has stood the test of time very well as is the best example I have ever offered for sale; likely unused it displays to excellent effect…In my opinion one of the finest examples of British movie poster artwork of all time; a real personal favourite and an impressive eye-catching item of rare film memorabilia.

Trivia: The U-boat and ships were models and the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals were puppets, hand-held or on strings rather than stop motion. Kevin Connor recalled, “The reason we went for the hand puppets was for a more fluid look. Roger Dicken, who created the dinosaurs did such fine details and had the movement down so well that we went with him and used that technique. Also, we developed the use of a small VistaVision camera to shoot the dinosaur back-ground plates which gave us great quality because the exposed frame is twice the size of a normal 35mm. Everything was shot front projection as well.”

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UK Quad (30" x 40") Single Sided, Printed in Great Britain By Leonard Ripley & Co. Ltd

Country of Origin

UK / British


Near mint minus ; originally folded (as issued)


Kevin Connor


Anthony Ainley, Colin Farrell, Doug McClure, John McEnery, Keith Barron, Susan Penhaligon

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