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  • The-People-That-Time-Forgot-Movie-Poster

    The People That Time Forgot


    “The 7th continent – A lost world shut off by a wall of ice, roamed by beasts unknown to science, ruled by men lost to history, doomed to vanish in a chaos of leaping flames !”

    A real boy’s own adventure of a poster…showcasing some incredible fantasy artwork for Kevin Connor’s “The People That Time Forgot” movie poster – sabre-tooth tigers, primitive axe-wielding savages, erupting volcanoes, battling heroes & of course the compulsory scantily clad savage cave-woman. A stunning and memorable original 1977 US one sheet movie poster for Edgar Rice Burroughs’ direct sequel to the successful “The Land That Time Forgot”.  Originally folded (as issued) this totally unrestored example has stood the test of time very well and displays to excellent effect and represents a fantastic piece of rare original film memorabilia from a much loved series of fantasy adventure films.

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