Rasputin the Mad Monk / The Reptile




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The tagline says it all “The House of Horror !”…The first time this much used phrase was used on a film poster and it was to become synonymous with the Studio. “Rasputin the Mad Monk / The Reptile” was released as a double feature in March 1966 and ranks as one of the best country of origin posters ever produced by Hammer. Whereas both standalone quads were produced in single colour this double bill offering is rendered in full blooded Hammer colour complemented with stunning artwork by Tom Chantrell…it truly is one of Hammer’s and artist Tom Chantrell’s best and most memorable posters. Originally folded (as issued) this marvellous unrestored item has stood the test of time very well and displays to very good effect with beautiful deep rich dark colours and eye-popping graphics. In my opinion one of the finest examples of British movie poster artwork ever produced; a real personal favourite and a fantastic investment condition piece of highly desirable original film movie memorabilia that rarely comes to market.

Trivia #1: Roy Ashton‘s makeup for the creature included appliances created from a mold taken of real snakeskin.

Trivia #2: As a young boy, Sir Christopher Lee met the assassins of Rasputin (Prince Yusupoff and Dmitri Pavlovich). He also met Rasputin’s daughter, Maria in 1976. She told Lee that he had her father’s “expression”.


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UK Quad / Single Sided / (30″ x 40″) / Printed in England. Stafford & Co Ltd. Nottingham and London

Country of Origin

UK / British


Very Fine minus ; originally folded (as issued)


Don Sharp, John Gilling


Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, John Richardson, Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress

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