“This film was ten years ahead of its time. Now, you’re almost ready for…PERFORMANCE”

An iconic piece of British cinema and Rolling Stones memorabilia a country of origin UK quad film poster for Donald Cammell’s and Nicolas Roeg’s 1979 re-release for the psychedelic cult classic “Performance”. With a more stylised design, the scarce Quad for the film’s 1979 re-release. A clever tagline makes a point of the mixed and controversial initial reception to the original 1970 release but by the late 1970’s the film was ripe for a critical reappraisal & although not hugely successful developed a real cult following. Imagery really is a stunning and was only ever displayed in Britain for the re-release.  Although the artwork has been accredited to Vic Fair, this is incorrect though as of yet, the artist responsible for this pop-art inspired design, remains unidentified. This gender-bending British film which signalled the end of the 1960s in something of the same way as the Altamont concert – the era of love and peace was morphing into a time of violence and madness, and this movie classically reflects that transition. Much like the earlier 1970 release “Performance” was not a great commercial success in 1979, and was treated more of an independent/arthouse affair than a large studio release, and paper from it has always been somewhat scarce with this version of the British UK quad poster particularly hard to find. Originally folded (as issued) and totally unrestored this particular example displays to excellent effect with a pure white background and bright vivid colours…Despite being a later release this style is the most prized paper from the Movie. A fantastic, very collectable and unique piece of film and rock music memorabilia…“Nothing is true, everything is permitted”

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1970 (1979 Re-Release)


UK Quad (30" x 40") Single Sided, Printed in England by W.E.Berry Ltd. Bradford

Country of Origin

UK / British


Very Fine Plus / Originally Folded (as issued)


Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg


Anita Pallenberg, Ann Sidney, James Fox, John Bindon, Michele Breton, Mick Jagger

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