“She murders. So she can live…”

Beautiful close up of ‘NIKITA’ (Anne Parillaud) in her little black dress, crouched in a hotel kitchen, smoking hand-gun swaying in her delicate little hands, not entirely sure what she’s doing, bathed in an almost other worldly ‘blue’ haze…equates to an incredibly stylish and memorable movie poster. But then again the film’s creator, Luc Besson is perhaps the most stylish auteur of his generation and it is  this 1990 action thriller that remains one his most celebrated movies. Showing in only a handful of ‘art-house’ cinemas the advertising campaign was very low key and any British film posters that accompanied the extremely limited cinema release are truly scarce. Created by the award winning creative agency IDEST using a photograph of femme fatale ‘Nikita’ (Anne Parillaud) by Lisa Powers the British UK Double Crown style being one of the most coveted making this original 1990 film poster for “NIKITA” highly sought after. Originally rolled (as issued) it presents in excellent original unrestored condition. A very hard to find poster in any condition which makes this high grade rolled investment condition piece a real talking piece. Hugely collectable & desirable original film memorabilia from a truly stylish cult classic movie of the 90’s.

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TRIVIA: The “big gun” Nikita uses during the restaurant scene is a two toned Israel Military Industries Desert Eagle Mark VII chambered in .357 magnum.



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British / UK Double Crown – Single Sided – 20″ x 30″

Country of Origin

British / UK


Near Mint minus / Originally Rolled (as issued)


Luc Besson


Alain Lathière, Anne Parillaud, Laura Chéron, Mark Duret, Patrick Fontana

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