Kill Bill: Volume 1

Kill Bill: Volume 1


“A roaring rampage of revenge”

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Quentin Tarantino’s 4th Film…“Kill Bill” is a bloody, revenge driven, martial arts epic. Released in 2003 it proved a huge success and much like previous Tarantino movie merchandising the film posters became very collectable. Designed by creative arts agency Empire Design the final release UK quad (as featured) immediately catches the attention. Vivid bright yellow is dominant in not only the poster background but in Uma Thurman’s (The Bride) leather flight suit. This original 2003 UK quad film poster is presented in excellent rolled condition and displays extremely well and as Tarantino has such a huge fanbase very desirable and because of a typically low print run very rare. As all Tarantino films are aimed for that more mature 18+ audience the merchandising budget isn’t what you would expect from a general release feature and as such nearly all the posters & promotional items ¬†produced are in very low numbers; making his memorabilia very collectable & scarce.

Trivia: The Bride’s yellow outfit was inspired by the outfit worn by Bruce Lee in his final film, Game of Death (1978).

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UK Quad (30" x 40") Double Sided

Country of Origin

British / UK


Near mint minus; originally rolled (as issued)


Quentin Tarantino


Ambrosia Kelleyry, Chia Hui Liu, Chiaki Kuriyama, Daryl Hannah, David Carradine, James Parks, Julie Dreyfus, Kenji Ohba, Lucy Liu, Michael Bowen, Michael Madsen, Michael Parks, Sonny Chiba, Uma Thurman, Vivica A. Fox, Yuki Kazamatsuri

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