City of the Living Dead



“From the bowels of the earth they came…to collect the living !”

Nicknamed ‘The Godfather of Gore‘, the late Italian director Lucio Fulci is responsible for several memorable entries in the horror genre and City of the Living Dead” is considered to be one of the ‘big four’ Fulci films and the first in his ‘Gates of Hell’ trilogy. (the others being Zombie Flesh Eaters, The Beyond and The House by the Cemetery), which were all made within two years of each other. Featuring country unique British design by master illustrator Enzo Sciotti (an artist who really ‘gets’ the subject matter) this original UK quad movie poster is certainly impressive. From first year of release 1980 this folded (as issued) original, unrestored UK quad movie poster displays to excellent effect and is presented in true investment grade condition (easily the best example of this cult classic zombie horror poster I have ever offered for sale) with deep dark colour tone and bright fluorescent yellow logo. A really nice find for a genuinely scarce item of original horror movie memorabilia from a classic of the so called ‘video nasties‘ productions of the 1970’s and early 80’s.

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Trivia: For Daniela Doria‘s death scene, in which her character vomits up her internal organs, the actress swallowed and regurgitated a plate of tripe. In closeups a fake head was used, which contained a pump that spewed the organs out more forcefully.


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UK Quad (30" x 40") Single Sided

Country of Origin

UK / British


Near mint minus ; originally folded (as issued)


Lucio Fulci


Christopher George, Katherine MacColl



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