Virgin Witch



“She has the power to love, kill, torture and arouse. The Virgin Witch can do it all !”

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Apologies in advance if you are a fan of this film….A classic case of the poster being better than the film its advertising, this is the UK quad for the 1972 British sexploitation horror Virgin Witch”, which was produced and released by Tigon, primarily known for their horror output. Directed by Ray Austin who spent most of his career directing TV shows, the film stars Ann Michelle and her sister Vicki (later to gain fame as Yvette Carte-Blanche in the TV series Allo ‘Allo!) as Betty and Christine, a pair of wannabe models.…The eye-catching original 1972 British UK quad film poster was a collaboration between Fred Atkins (layout & design) & Arnaldo Putzu (finished art & colour) and is a truly stunning item of British ‘horror’ art that is rarely seen for offered for sale. Originally folded (as issued) and presented in original unrestored condition with vibrant colours, it displays to a very high standard and represents very collectable & desirable original British film memorabilia.

The Artist Arnaldo Putzu unfortunately passed away in 2012. Sim Branaghan the noted film poster author & historian contributed an informative and touching obituary in The Guardian newspaper – Arnaldo Putzu Obituary by Sim Branaghan


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UK Quad (30" x 40") Single Sided

Country of Origin

British / UK


Very Fine; originally folded (as issued)


Ray Austin


Ann Michelle, Keith Buckley, Patricia Haines, Vicki Michelle

In stock

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