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  • Being There Movie Poster

    Being There


    “Getting there is half the fun…BEING THERE is all of it !”

    A surreal looking Polish One-Sheet for Hal Ashby’s Oscar winning “Being There” (1979) with artwork by Maria ‘Mucha’ Ihnatowicz for the first Polish release in 1982. With bright colours and distinctive painted illustration, it is a perfect complement to what is a excellent (dark) comedy film featuring a standout performance by Peter Sellers. A beautiful, stylish piece of film poster art that is unique to this Polish release. Originally rolled  (as issued) this beautiful unrestored 1979 example displays and presents to excellent effect and represents one of the most collectable Peter Sellers’ film posters available.

    Trivia: It took Peter Sellers nearly nine years to get this movie made by a studio, mainly because by the 1970s Sellers’ career had hit rock bottom and no studio in Hollywood would work with him. After the revival (and success) of the Pink Panther movies, Lorimar Pictures finally greenlit the project.


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  • James Bond: Moonraker Movie Poster

    James Bond: Moonraker


    “Outer space now belongs to James Bond 007”

    At the time of its release in 1979 this “Star Wars” inspired Bond movie (“For Your Eyes Only” was originally slated to be released after “The Spy Who Loved Me”, but the huge success of  “Star Wars” called for a rethink) was the largest grossing 007 movie to date. Beautiful detailed Daniel Gouzee artwork was the highlight of the worldwide “Moonraker” campaign and this original 1979 Japanese B2 film poster really does look impressive. The Japanese text certainly adds an air of sophistication and coolness to the design. Featuring a suave Roger Moore in a shiny silver space suit; a rarity on any Bond poster campaign as he was normally illustrated wearing a ‘trademark’ black tuxedo…Presented in a high grade, rolled (as issued) condition this unrestored example displays and presents to excellent effect with  colours that are bright and unfaded. Hugely desirable and very collectable, it would be a worthy addition to any collection of James Bond movie memorabilia and is an impressive 007 film poster from the Roger Moore run in the series.

    Trivia: Producer Albert R. Broccoli complained that Maurice Binder‘s title sequence cost more than the entire budget of Dr. No (1962).

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