Total Recall



“How would you know if someone stole your mind ?” 

An impressive, highly detailed (you would expect no less from the talented artist Tyler Stout) limited edition ‘Mondo’ lithograph from 2009. Based upon the Arnold Schwarzenegger / Paul Verhoeven 1990 sci-fi ultra-violent actioner “Total Recall”.  “Mondo” are one of a handful of design/art studios  currently creating limited edition prints for classic and contemporary films, representing the most creative and visually striking art the medium has to offer. Offered here is Tyler Stout’s striking interpretation which is limited to only 450 Prints (this is #308 & Hand Signed Signed by Tyler Stout). Long sold out (like the vast majority of the best alternative ‘Mondo’ movie posters) this originally rolled, flat-unfolded (as issued) example displays to exceptional effect that represents a truly outstanding and extremely rare significant item of highly sought after movie memorabilia with a ‘modern’ twist.

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Trivia: When Ronald Shusett and Dan O’Bannon first started working on the screenplay for this movie back in the 1970s, they realized that the movie would probably be too expensive and difficult to make (by the standards of special effects and budget at the time). They delayed working on the story and instead worked on an idea O’Bannon had about a space monster terrorizing a spaceship crew. This became Alien (1979).

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1990 – Mondo Release 2009


Mondo Limited Edition – Signed and Hand-Numbered #308/450 by Tyler Stout, (36″ x 24″) Printed on heavy stock paper

Country of Origin

United States (USA)


Near Mint – Flat/Unfolded


Paul Verhoeven


Rachel Ticotin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Ironside, Ronny Cox, Sharon Stone

In stock

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