The Punisher



“If society won’t punish the guilty, he will…Judge. Jury. Executioner. All in a day’s work”

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The late 1980’s were a tough time for ‘Marvel Comics’ with the company & rights to its characters being owned by New Line Pictures. Easily the most popular of  these creations and a corner stone of the ‘Marvel Universe’ was the anti-hero Frank Castle AKA ‘The Punisher’. Loosely based on the dark, gritty vigilante of the comics the Mark Goldblatt’s finished feature is not all bad & contains some moments of genuine ‘fan boy’ cinema with the all-action Dolph Lungren (well) cast in the title role. This original 1989 UK quad film poster is typical of the time and firmly puts the titular ‘Punisher’ in the spotlight. Originally folded (as issued) this looks and displays to excellent effect with impressive graphics and dark colour tones that represents a fine piece of collectible cinema movie memorabilia.

Trivia: Unlike the comic book, Frank Castle does not wear the skull on his chest, but it’s on the daggers he uses, as well as his face, made up on Dolph Lundgren‘s fake beard.

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UK Quad (30" x 40") Single Sided

Country of Origin

British / UK


Very Fine; originally folded (as issued)


Mark Goldblatt


Bryan Marshall, Dolph Lundgren, Jeroen Krabbe, Kim Myori, Louis Gossett Jr, Nancy Everhard

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