The Great Escape



“From a barbed-wire camp to a barbed-wire country, they made…THE GREAT ESCAPE !”

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A very rare find, these 75th Anniversary posters just don’t turn up and are incredibly scarce…None of the original release posters for this movie show the classic scene of Steve McQueen jumping a barbed wire fence on his motorcycle. But for this 2019 celebratory 75th Anniversary release, the distributors of the film wisely thought to incorporate the classic McQueen motorbike scene. Released for one night only on Sunday 24th March and transmitted to only  a handful of cinemas the print run is said to be only around 200 in total. The British UK quad film poster offered here is rolled (as issued) and presented in very good unrestored original condition, with only the minimal of handling wear…this really is a superb example of rare film memorabilia from what is regarded as a much loved classic of the cinema and one of McQueen’s signature roles.

Trivia: During the climactic motorcycle chase, director John Sturges allowed Steve McQueen to ride (in disguise) as one of the pursuing German soldiers, so that in the final sequence, through the magic of editing, he’s actually chasing himself. McQueen played the German motorcyclist who hits the wire.

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1963, 2019 – 75th Anniversary


UK Quad (30" x 40") Single Sided

Country of Origin

UK / British


Very Fine; originally rolled (as issued)


John Sturges


Angus Lennie, Charles Bronson, David McCallum, Donald Pleasence, Gordon Jackson, Hannes Messemer, James Coburn, James Donald, James Garner, John Leyton, Richard Attenborough, Steve McQueen

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