Curse of the Werewolf, The – “La Nuit du Loup-Garou”

Curse of the Werewolf Movie Poster


“Half-Man…Half-Wolf… Compelled by the hideous curse of his evil birth to destroy – Even those who loved him !

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Despite a long running series of Frankenstein and Dracula releases, Hammer’s only werewolf film was Terence Fisher’s “The Curse of the Werewolf” – La Nuit du Loup-Garou (1961) with Oliver Reed as their lycanthrope in his first starring role. Originally based on Guy Endore’s novel ‘The Werewolf of Paris’, the story was rewritten to take advantage of Hammer’s cancelled Spanish inquisition film “The Rape of Sabena” and it ended up with an epic Madrid setting and incredibly high (for Hammer) production values. With its stone-litho print finish, bold colour colour palette and rich inks, this beautiful unrestored French ‘Moyen’ Affiche movie poster from first year of release 1961 features painted artwork by Guy Gerard Noel, the artist responsible for most of the Studio’s French poster designs. A very rare and collectable example of Hammer Horror memorabilia at its best and a personal favourite.

Trivia #1: The interiors of the inn where Leon is staying is the same interior from Dracula’s castle in Dracula (1958).” You can notice the same pillars. The basement he runs into is also the same vault where Dracula kept his coffin.

Trivia: #2: Before being released, the B.B.F.C issued “Hammer Films” with an ultimatum. The film company could present their movie “Curse of the Werewolf” with scenes of either sex or violence but not both.


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23.75″ x 31″ (60.5 x 79 cm), AFFICHES et PUBLICITE Imp M. Landais 11 r Castex. Paris. Visa Ministeriel de Censure no. 85, French ‘Moyen’ Affiche

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Terence Fisher


Anthony Dawson, Catherine Feller, Clifford Evans, Michael Ripper, Oliver Reed, Warren Mitchell, Yvonne Romain

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