Le Mans

Le Mans - "The 24 Hours of Le Mans"


“This isn’t just a thousand to one shot. This is a professional bloodsport. And it can happen to you. And then it can happen to you again”

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The rarest of the rare, (as predominantly printed in English) with a very low print run, that’s what this original 1971 Japan B2 film poster for “Le Mans” is. Quite frankly one of the finest Steve McQueen motor-racing images ever produced. Originally rolled this example presents near perfectly; Genuinely very very scarce and becoming hard to find due to the Film’s very limited release in it’s day. Now an iconic and much admired motor racing movie showing just why Steve McQueen was the true King of Cool ! Highly recommended and rarely offered in such high grade condition this represents a fantastic example of McQueen, motor-racing & cinematic memorabilia .

“When people risk their lives, shouldn’t it be for something very important?”

Trivia: Steve McQueen‘s blood type (Group O, Reh D neg) is shown on the back of his helmet. This was common at the time and drivers would show blood types either on the helmets or clothing.


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Japan B2 / (28.75" x 20.25") / Single sided

Country of Origin



Near Mint minus; originally rolled


Lee H Katzin


Christopher Waite, Elga Andersen, Fred Haltiner, Louise Edlind, Luc Merenda, Ronald Leigh Hunt, Siegfried Rauch, Steve McQueen

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