For A Few Dollars More



“The man with no name is back…The man in black is waiting…a walking arsenal – he uncoils, strikes and kills!”

Easily the scarcest and most desirable of all the cinematic paper produced for Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone “Spaghetti” Western Trilogy. The British UK quads have always been a much harder find than their American counterparts due to the quantity printed being far far less with the 1965 quad for “For A Few Dollars More” being incredibly rare. Clint Eastwood was back for the second (and best) instalment “It’s the second motion picture of its kind! It won’t be the last!” ; both Film & poster) of the Trilogy as Clint poses majestically complete with poncho and six shooter whilst Lee Van Cleef favours an assortment of rifles. In a poster dominated by great artwork the memorable tag-lines are often over looked…“As if one wasn’t enough… as if death needed a double !” Offered here is an original unrestored 1965 “X” certificate British quad film poster. Printed by Leonard Ripley & Co. Ltd. of London it was originally folded (as issued) and presents to excellent effect with minimal handling and age wear. It is by far the best “For A Few Dollars More” UK quad poster I have had the pleasure to offer for sale or seen offered for sale in this beautiful unrestored original condition; paper is crisp and colours bright and sharp. Very collectable this scarce example represents one of the most sought after pieces of Clint Eastwood memorabilia currently available.


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UK Quad / (30″ x 40″) / Single Sided / Printed in England by Leonard Ripley & Co Ltd. London

Country of Origin

UK / British


Very fine / originally folded (as issued)


Sergio Leone


Benito Stefanelli, Clint Eastwood, Gian Maria Volonte, Joseph Egger, Klaus Kinski, Lee Van Cleef, Luigi Pistilli, Mara Krupp, Panos Papadopulos

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