Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind


“Close Encounter of the First Kind – Sighting of a UFO. Close Encounter of the Second Kind – Physical Evidence. Close Encounter of the Third Kind – Contact. WE ARE NOT ALONE”…One of the most instantly recognisable movie poster images of all time. This original 1977 Country of Origin (US) One Sheet film poster for Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” looks absolutely stunning as presented here. Originally folded this rare example displays very well with deep rich colour. One of modern Cinema’s truly iconic images !… A very nice example that is GUARANTEED ORIGINAL

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US One Sheet (27" x 41")

Country of Origin



Very fine plus; originally folded


Stephen Spielberg


Bob Balaban, François Truffaut, J Patrick McNamara, Melinda Dillon, Richard Dreyfuss, Teri Garr

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