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  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Movie Poster

    Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan


    “Beyond the darkness…beyond the human evolution…is Khan. A genetically superior tyrant. Exhiled to a barren planet; banished by a Starship Commander he is destined to destroy. Left for dead, Khan has survived”.

    Original 1982 Japanese B2 movie poster for the best original series Star Trek movie ever “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. Originally rolled (as issued) this fantastic looking poster displays to excellent effect with no fold lines, lovely deep, unfaded colours and fantastic photo-montage imagery featuring all the key cast members, Kirk, Spock and the crew of USS Enterprise never looked better. A fine piece of sci-fi movie memorabilia and one of the best looking and most collectable film posters for the much loved franchise.

    Trivia: The famous “Space, the final frontier” monologue is heard for the first time since Star Trek (1966), now narrated by Leonard Nimoy, however this has been changed slightly. Instead of saying, “…its five-year mission…” and “to seek out new life,” this now says, “her ongoing mission…” and “to seek out new lifeforms”.

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  • Star Trek The Motion Picture Alternative Movie Poster

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture


    “Mr. Scott, an alien object of unbelievable destructive power is less than two days away from this planet. The only starship in interception range is the Enterprise. Ready or not, she launches in twelve hours.”

    Printed on Mirri Rainbow Foil art paper, Matt Ferguson’s artwork for this Vice Press 2023 release for “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” is truly impressive. Literally changing colour depending on the light and viewing angle with imagery depicting key scenes from the movie and of course, center-stage the iconic USS Enterprise. The Japanese typeface adds an air of the exotic and adds to the overall appeal in what is a fitting visual tribute for the first big screen cinematic outing for Captain Kirk & the crew of the starship Enterprise. Released as a limited edition of 175 this has been hand-numbered #28 that displays superbly and represents a fine piece of artwork and a very collectable alternative poster movie from Gene Roddenberry’s much loved TV and Movie series.

    Trivia: William Shatner, (Captain Kirk) who saw the completed movie for the first time at the world premiere, was struck by the overall sluggishness of the movie, and was convinced that the Star Trek franchise died there and then. He reminisced, “Well, that’s it. We gave it our best shot, it wasn’t good, and it will never happen again.” But, having recalled his reaction fifteen years later, he has added, “Shows you what I know.”

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