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  • Bugsy Malone Movie Poster

    Bugsy Malone


    “Okay fellas, this is our moment. Keep a cool head and keep those fingers pumpin’, cause remember, it’s history you’ll be writin”

    A great looking movie poster for the Park Circus (BFI) 30th Anniversary 2006 release of Alan Parker’s 1976 film “Bugsy Malone”. The classic all-singing and dancing gangster movie with an all child cast that is the first and only gangster movie to involve cream filled bullets fired by the legendary “splurge” gun…The artwork from the original 1976 UK quad has been cleverly re-imagined highlighting the two stars; Jodie Foster & Scott Baio whilst retaining a 1930’s theme. Originally rolled (as issued) this excellent unrestored example displays and presents to superb effect and represents a scarce item of collectible memorabilia from one of British cinema’s quirkiest films.

    Trivia: The development of the splurge guns took three months work by special effects boffins at Pinewood Studios. A gunsmith was consulted by fxpert Malcolm King to resolve the very complex ballistic problem of being able to shoot a capsulated custard pie without it first splurging the firer-splurger.

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  • Car Wash

    Car Wash


    “CAR WASH…where anything can happen and usually does”…A very rare original 1976 UK Quad movie poster for the blaxpoitation musical comedy directed by Michael Schultz. Simple, colourful striking image in what is a far superior poster to its US counterpart. A really great fun, feelgood movie.

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  • Just a Gigolo Movie Poster

    Just a Gigolo


    “He has no skills and can only find menial, low-paying jobs. He decides to become a gigolo to lonely rich women.”

    Supreme example of Tom Chantrell’s stunning artwork; an extremely rare original 1978 UK Quad film poster for the David Bowie drama “Just a Gigolo”. This film was perfect for Bowie (you could genuinely believe he was a 1920s pseudo aristocrat) as the extravagantly named Paul Ambrosius von Przygodski. Tom Chantrell’s artwork (unique to the British release) places Bowie centre stage, cleverly portrayed in black and white whilst the supporting cast, including Kim Novak and Marlene Dietrich (her last movie appearance) are featured in full colour. With only minimal handling wear, this originally rolled (as issued), unrestored example displays to beautiful effect. The deep black background contrasted with vibrant colours makes for a truly impressive piece. One of Bowie’s most stylish movie posters and a fantastic piece of highly collectable original movie and music memorabilia and a perfect showcase for Chantrell’s incredible talent at catching an actors likeness.

    Trivia: The last on-screen appearance by Marlene Dietrich. German press reports claimed she was paid $250,000 for two days’ work.

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  • Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same

    Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same


    “In Concert And Beyond…”

    Original Japanese B3 Nakazuri film poster for the Led Zeppelin concert rockumentary “The Song Remains The Same”…With musical scenes filmed at New York’s Madison Square Gardens this is the definitive film of the greatest rock band ever. From first year of release in Japan, 1977 the design has been re-imagined and is country unique to Japan and features artwork to the front with black and white photographs and text (with in English and Japanese) on the reverse. Originally rolled (as issued), unrestored and presented here in exceptional investment grade condition…Fantastic Led Zeppelin collectable from their heyday…incredibly rare piece of music and film memorabilia.

    Trivia: Jimmy Page‘s scene was filmed in the Scottish Highlands behind his house, previously owned by Aleister Crowley, on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland.

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  • Never-Too-Young-To-Rock-Movie-Poster

    Never Too Young To Rock


    “Never Too Young To Rock”

    Dust off that velvet suit, making sure those lapels are of regulation width (hint, anything under 12″ not accepted). Polish the platform shoes and make sure the mullet is brushed…the 70’s are back with a vengeance…“Never Too Young To Rock”. Featuring a string of ‘top’ bands from the ‘Glam-Rock’ decade; Mud, the Rubettes, Glitter Band, Scott Fitzgerald, Whoopee Band, Slick add Sally James a sexy music journalist (best remembered as Chris Tarrant’s co-compere in the cult kids TV show TISWAS) and you have a mountain of fun & nostalgia for those of a certain age.  With some colourful, dynamic artwork it really epitomises the time and is a very ‘FUN’ poster. This original 1976 UK quad film poster is presented in excellent original unrestored, folded (as issued) condition that displays to fine effect; colours are deep and unfaded with some great glam 70’s imagery. A rare example that hardly ever turns up for sale in this high grade condition and represents a fantastic piece of very collectable and desirable original movie memorabilia from the decade of Glam-Rock.

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