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  • Clockwork Orange - "Orange Mecanique"  1971 (1982 RR)

    Clockwork Orange – “Orange Mecanique” 1971 (1982 RR)


    “Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven.”…This original French Grande movie poster from the 1981 re-release is simply a stunning piece of artwork. Presented in this larger format it is truly something special.

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  • Easy Come, Easy Go

    Easy Come, Easy Go


    Elvis Presley is “Skindiving for treasure, adventure and fun!!!
    “…. An original 1967 US One Sheet movie poster featuring Elvis scuba diving, unsurprisingly the only poster ever to do so ! This rare example displays very well with deep, vibrant colours and great artwork, making this a very cool Elvis poster.

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  • Hitcher, The   (1986)

    Hitcher, The (1986)


    “He came from hell. Don’t ask him where he wants to go.”… UK, country unique artwork makes this original 1986 UK Quad movie poster for Robert Harmon’s supernatural serial killer, road movie extremely sought after by collector’s of the genre. Genuinely very rare and a very creepy film poster.

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  • Oliver's Story

    Oliver’s Story


    “It takes someone very special to help you forget someone very special”…Rare and original UK Quad quad film poster for the 1978 “Love Story” sequal “Oliver’s Story”. Simple design featuring a nice close up of the two stars Oliver (Ryan O’Neal) & Marcie (Candice Bergen). This originally folded example looks superb with deep rich colours and very little to be negative about. Not as well known or highly regarded as its predecessor but still a favourite romantic film for many people.

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  • The Hunter - "Le Chasseur"

    The Hunter – “Le Chasseur”


    “He’s not as fast as he used to be… That’s what makes him human. He’s a bounty hunter… And that’s what makes him dangerous”…Steve McQueen’s last stand. This original 1980 French Grande with gorgeous artwork (a fantastic headshot) by French master Jean Mascii is a fitting tribute to one of Cinema’s true greats.

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  • Viva Knievel

    Viva Knievel


    “The one and only real live Evel Knievel in his first dramatic movie role”…A very rare original UK Quad movie poster from the original year of release 1977 for “Viva Knievel”. Featuring fantastic Country unique (UK) action artwork of the legend Evel Knievel in full on stunt action mode. Originally folded this example really does display very well and looks stunning with great colours.

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