After a very interesting breakfast meeting at Pinewood Film Studios this morning it was revealed to me that one of the front runners in terms of plot for the new James Bond movie currently in pre-production is a re-imagining (definitely NOT a straight remake) of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Originally filmed in 1969 with one time only Bond George Lazenby. Relatively gadget free with an excellent plot focussed around some great alpine set pieces it appears the perfect antidote to the rather lackluster Quantum of Solace.

Stumbling block #1 currently is the ending with Bond marrying the lovely Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo. Admittedly this was an extremely short romance in the original, but like Quantum of Solace immediately following on from Casino Royale, the script writers are allowing for a honeymoon period before the new Mrs Bond meets her demise at the beginning of Bond #24. Nothing like a decent death to open a movie.

Most of you may be surpised that Bond previously so in love with Vesper in Casino Royale jumps into marriage?? Not when you hear that Eva Green the aforementioned Vesper Lynd is due to make her second appearance in a Bond movie as Vesper’s TWIN SISTER!

Stumbling block #2 can Daniel Craig learn to ski?

Admittedly not really like my previous blogs, but thought this information (if they go ahead with this plotline) is too juicy to keep to myself.

Remember; You heard it here first!

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