“The Star Wars saga continues”…Yes you can believe your eyes. An UNTRIMMED, ROLLED example of THE RAREST & MOST SOUGHT AFTER STAR WARS poster. Absolutely beautiful, original 1980 UK Quad film poster for the George Lucas sci fi classic “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”. This is the “Gone With The Wind” style featuring Roger Kastel’s superb painted artwork. After a very limited release (1-2 weeks) with the majority trimmed for London Underground usage these untrimmed posters are considered the Holy Grail by collectors…With this style more often than not voted the favourite Star Wars poster by the Fans…Rated 5.5/6.0 by starwarsmovieposter.com for rarity. Making it the second rarest Star Wars poster ever and given a 10/10 rarity rating by the industry bible for Star Wars posters…Stephen Sansweet’s aptly named “Star Wars Poster Book”.***GUARANTEED ORIGINAL***INVESTMENT GRADE QUALITY***

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