James Bond: Never Say Never Again

James Bond: Never Say Never Again


“SEAN CONNERY is JAMES BOND in…NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN”…Okay this might not be the most colourful and dynamic of posters but as teaser posters go this is doesn’t have to work that hard. This is all about content and when that content is Sean Connery returning to his signature James Bond role after 22 years that’s really all you need. Originally folded (as issued) this totally unrestored UK quad film poster from 1983 looks fantastic, A simple , unfussy design; the white background is bright and the bold stark colours unfaded…As the tagline states “From December 15th in the West End & London” these posters were used only in the London area and are much much rarer to find than the final design UK quad…Investment grade quality for a very rare, eye-catching piece of James Bond memorabilia.

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UK Quad / Advance Teaser "From December 15th in the West End & London" / (30" x 40") / Single sided

Country of Origin



Very Fine; originally folded (as issued)


Irvin Kershner


Alec McCowen, Barbara Carrera, Bernie Casey, Edward Fox, Kim Basinger, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Max von Sydow, Sean Connery

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