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  • Bambi Movie Poster



    “Love Comes To The Forest Folk . . . and to you, in one of the world’s greatest love stories !”

    Original British front of house full colour lobby card produced by Walt Disney for their 1982 cinematic re-release of “Bambi” which features the young playful fawn Bambi and his friend Thumper. Originally made during the middle of WW2 and following Snow White, Pinocchio and Dumbo this cartoon must have provided some relief to world weary families. Although initially disappointing box office returns the film went on to become one of the true classics of Disney studios. The film is a coming of age story about a fawn living in the forest and was the first of Disney’s cartoons to feature an all animal cast. Originally flat and unfolded (as issued) this unrestored example presents superbly with amazing vibrant colours and represents a fine example of rare and collectable original movie memorabilia for a much loved Walt Disney classic.

    Trivia: Bambi (1942) was Walt Disney‘s personal favourite of all his animated features.

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  • Evil Dead Movie Poster

    Evil Dead


    “Scream as your nightmares come true”

    Sam Raimi’s “The Evil Dead” is one of the best horror comedy movies ever made, full of dark humour and gory thrills. As most people know, this is one of the greatest performing films, dollar for dollar in cinematic history. One of the most popular film titles for alternative movie posters artists, this 2016 hand-numbered (#134/220) print by Francesco Francavilla is a standout piece and a proper horror poster as a chainsaw wielding Ash (Bruce Campbell) and the demonically possessed Cheryl (Ellen Sandweiss) dominate the blood red coloured imagery. Presented in excellent condition this rolled (as issued) example displays superbly that represents an impressive piece of horror artwork and is a hugely desirable alternative movie poster. “I know now that my wife has become host to a Kandarian demon. I fear that the only way to stop those possessed by the spirits of the book is through the act of… bodily dismemberment.”

    Trivia: Over his years as a director, Raimi’s 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (originally bought by Raimi’s father for the family when Sam was 14) has “played” Ash’s car in the Evil Dead movies, Uncle Ben and Aunt May’s car in the Spider-Man movies, Annie’s car in The Gift (2000), and Mrs. Ganoush’s car in Drag Me to Hell (2009), and has made cameos in nearly all of his other movies.

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  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - (1937 / 1993 RR - Mirror Issue)

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


    “Mirror, Mirror on The Wall…”

    Walt Disney’s greatest movie…“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“. An extremely rare example of Disney memorabilia. This original US one sheet for the 1993 re-release is the very scarce “Mirror” version. The oval centre actually acts as a mirror because of the foil used to produce the poster (hence apologies for the image…it’s a tough one to photograph) with the border printed to look like a mirror frame. This is movie memorabilia come to life straight from the silver screen to your wall. Originally rolled it displays very well…As with all promotional Disney items the quality is first rate…an exceptionally rare and desirable poster.

    Trivia: The Special Academy Award given to the picture consisted of one standard Oscar statuette and seven miniature statuettes on a stepped base.

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  • The-Revenant-Movie-Poster

    The Revenant


    “Revenant – One who has returned, as if from the dead.”

    Acclaimed Oscar winning film maker Alejandro G. Iñárritu directed, co-wrote and produced the multi award winning 2015 movie “The Revenant” that gained star Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar win and walked away with a further 2 Academy Awards including Best Director for himself from 12 Nominations. The poster imagery is a striking close up photograph design of DiCaprio using colour filters that just scream COLD.  A fantastic looking poster, this is a scarce “In Cinemas January 15th” Advance Teaser (pre-Oscar (with minimal credits – most UK posters feature the Academy Awards) example of the 2015 UK quad movie poster. Guaranteed original, it is presented in excellent near mint rolled (as issued) condition it appears almost faultless and represents an investment grade example of desirable and collectable original film movie memorabilia for not only one one of Hollywood’s most prominent actor’s in Leonardo DiCaprio but also an exciting emerging young director in Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

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  • Where The Wild Things Are

    Where The Wild Things Are


    “There’s One In All Of Us”

    One of my favourite advertising campaigns of 2009 was the series of posters that accompanied Spike Jonze’s adaption of Maurice Sendak’s Children’s fantasy story “Where The Wild Things Are”. With artwork & design by Mojo this original UK quad film poster is the Advance “Coming Soon” Teaser style. Originally rolled this displays superbly with truly stunning ‘monster’ imagery.

    Trivia: The creatures are being portrayed by actors in six- to eight-foot tall costumes with some additional animatronics and computer-generated faces. The costumes were created by The Jim Henson Company, who is responsible for the Muppets and the creatures from Labyrinth (1986) and The Dark Crystal.


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