Goldfinger, Jaws, Sinbad, Raquel Welch, Batman, Giant, The Godfather !

A bit like the old “Vision On” I am pleased to present Vintage Movie Posters latest GALLERY.

All original movie posters & lobby cards from some of my favourite films & all soon to be available on website (when it goes live)

If you are interested in any of the above or have a specific requirement please just email me at

James Bond Goldfinger: French Grande (1970′s ?) measuring 46″ x 62″ with stunning artwork by acclaimed French artist Jean Mascii

The Godfather (Il Padrino): Italian photobusta (26″ x 18″) from original year of release 1972. Great images of Michael (Al Pacino) & Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando)

Jaws: The most iconic movie poster image of the 70′s. This 1975 UK quad comes linen backed & ready to frame. Fantastic condition !

Batman: Six US lobby cards from Tim Burton’s 1989 tale of The Dark Knight. Three cards feature Jack Nicholson as The Joker. We will have to wait until this Summer to see if the Late Heath Ledger can steal Jack’s crown in his portrayal of Batman’s arch nemesis. The remaining cards feature The Batman (Michael Keaton) in action (in & out of costume) & the gorgeous Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger)

Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger: A US Half Sheet (28″ x 22″) in pretty much mint condition from 1977. Never folded, just beautifully rolled.

Where have all the Sinbad films gone? Surely in these days of advanced CGI these movies are a shoe in to be made! The Birney Lettick artwork is some of his best.

“Flare Up”: What? Okay not a brilliant movie, but a great vehicle for RAQUEL WELCH to showcase her talents. This 1970 US Window Card (22″ x 14″) helps her do that admirably.

Jaws: Not just a superb UK Quad on offer but three US Front of House cards. Each card measures 10″ x 8″ from 1975 & show some great scenes from the Film. Especially card # 1 which shows “Bruce” the shark in full action mode, just about to try & eat the stunt midget that is doubling up for Richard Dreyfuss.

Giant: An extremely rare original black & white US Front of House Still from 1956. Featuring both James Dean & Elizabeth Taylor in one of the most memorable scenes from the Movie. Pure movie gold

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