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    The Terminator


    “In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the Future by changing the Past. The plan required something that felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something unstoppable. They created THE TERMINATOR”

    Extremely rare, “The Terminator” original Czech Flyer (horizontal) movie poster from first year of release in Czechoslovakia 1990. Featuring Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger wielding his laser sighted handgun from the famous ‘Tech Noir’ disco scene. Originally flat/unfolded this displays to excellent effect and would make for a fantastic addition to any collection or as a one-off display piece. Truly impressive eye catching design and a fine piece of country unique artwork that represents highly collectible movie poster memorabilia for one of cinema’s greatest movies of all time and a pop culture phenomenon that blasted then new comer’s Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s career into orbit and made James Cameron a Hollywood name.

    Trivia: Shots through the Terminator’s vision shows a dump of the ROM assembler code for the Apple II operating system. If you own an Apple II, enter at the basic prompt: ] call -151 * p This will give you the terminator view. Other code visible is written in COBOL.

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