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  • Night of the Living Dead Movie Poster

    Night of the Living Dead


    “If it doesn’t scare you, you’re already dead!”

    In 2022 George A. Romero’s zombie classic “Night of the Living Dead”, received an extremely limited release exclusively in certain Japanese cinemas. Designed using zombie footage from the movie their were two poster designs, black, white and lurid green imagery with either a grey or green sky printed to accompany the screenings. Both are particularly haunting with a very retro feel. These country unique, Japanese B2 posters are extremely eye-catching and presented in excellent unrestored, originally rolled (as issued) condition. Incredibly scarce horror artwork and a very rare highly desirable example of cinema memorabilia from perhaps the most influential horror film of the modern era. Both colour styles are equally rare with this example being the ‘green’ sky version.

    “This is like the flood that happened during Noah’s time, or the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah! We ARE being punished for our sins! The dead are rising, and Judgment Day is upon us!”

    Trivia: This is one of the most profitable independent movies ever made. Made for $114,000 (equivalent to $941,800 in 2022), it grossed approximately $30 million (equivalent to $247.8 million in 2022) – over 263 times its budget.

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