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  • V-for-Vendetta-Movie-Poster

    V for Vendetta


    “Freedom !…Forever !”

    In 2006 design house Concept Arts produced five outstanding campaign posters for Alan Moore’s alternate timeline thriller “V for Vendetta” which features a fascist Great Britain under a totalitarian government regime. With each version hugely collectable in their own right this very rare original ‘Flames Style’ Advance  Teaser “Coming Soon” one sheet is a great example of modern design and graphics; strong colours, complemented by stark, bold imagery…Originally rolled (as issued) this displays to excellent effect and represents a fine piece of very desirable original ‘modern’ movie memorabilia…“People should not be afraid of their governments…Governments should be afraid of their people”

    Trivia: On a clock that has an hour hand and a minute hand, the time 11:05 makes a V. These two numbers, eleven and five — where eleven is the month, and five is the day — spell out ‘the fifth of November.’ “Remember, remember the 5th of November.”

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