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  • Masters of the Universe Movie Poster

    Masters of the Universe


    “A battle fought in the stars, now… comes to Earth.”

    A beautiful, Dolph Lungren autographed limited edition art print (hand-numbered #14/40) by artist Chris Barnes (also known as Brutal Posters) showing highly detailed depictions of the assortment of characters from Gary Goddard’s fantasy adventure “Masters of the Universe” (1987). The close-up image of Skeletor’s face in the top left corner is particularly striking, finished in soft shades of purple, which contrasts against the rest of the design. This alternative movie print from 2020 has been autographed by He-Man himself – Dolph Lungren, who also added his character name and the annotation I Have the Power.” The poster was signed in the USA at Galaxycon, Richmond on 24th-26th March and is accompanied by a full letter of authenticity. A fantastic item of hugely collectable pop-culture memorabilia.

    Trivia: Many viewers of the film commented on actress Meg Foster‘s eerily effective contact lenses which gave her character Evil-Lyn a sinister and unearthly air. Actually she wore no contact lenses. Her eyes naturally have blue/grey irises and tiny pupils, giving her a striking appearance. She has often been cast in sci-fi/fantasy roles because of them and jokes that she appeals to casting directors as she brings her own special effect with her for free.


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