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  • AMY Movie Poster



    “The girl behind the name”

    When released in July “AMY” went on to break UK box office records for a documentary in its opening weekend and has since gone on to become the highest grossing British documentary film of all time. An incredible feat for a film with a very limited release & showing in only a handful of cinemas. Made by the award winning team responsible for the excellent “Senna”, “AMY” tells the heartbreaking story of the late jazz/ blues singer Amy Winehouse. The original UK quad film poster to accompany the release was designed by the creative arts agency Territory Studio, who have produced an eye catching piece.  The advertising campaign was very low key and the UK film posters that accompanied the extremely limited cinema release are truly scarce. Originally rolled this incredibly rare example displays to excellent effect and represents a fantastic collectable item of music/ film / cultural memorabilia for a true music icon.

    Trivia: Amy Winehouse‘s immediate family were initially willing to work with the film’s producers and director, having heard about the success of their earlier documentary, Senna (2010). They granted the filmmakers access to hours of archive footage of Amy and her family, as well as giving the filmmakers’ their blessing to interview Amy’s family and friends. However, they – in particular, Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse – soon began to feel they were being misrepresented in the documentary, that the negative aspects of Amy’s life were receiving much more attention than the positive, and that footage had been edited in order to produce an inaccurate narrative of Amy’s story, especially the last three years of her life. Mitch Winehouse has said that Amy’s fans should consider seeing the film for the rare, previously unseen, archive footage of his daughter, but should pay no attention to the film’s general portrayal of her, which he has labeled “preposterous”.

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