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  • The Dirty Dozen Movie Poster

    The Dirty Dozen


    “Damn them or praise them…You’ll never forget The Dirty Dozen !”

    Notable for a mix of striking Frank McCarthy artwork and photographs (a typical feature of Japanese poster design) this is a stunning original Japanese B2 film poster for Robert Aldrich’s 1967 World War 2 action extravaganza “The Dirty Dozen”. With artwork exclusive to this release Lee Marvin takes centre stage , machine gun blazing , charging into battle against a background of action scenes and co-stars, cleverly featured in a hand grenade illustration. Originally rolled (as issued) to Japanese cinemas this beautiful unrestored example presents to excellent. Hugely collectable; very rare first release poster for a war movie that is oft judged as one of the best from the action adventure genre.

    Trivia: Woody Allen joined Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson and Telly Savalas to play poker when filming was finished for the day. He was simultaneously filming Casino Royale (1967) in London and earning “a fat salary”. Filming was so far behind schedule, that he would gladly hook up with the cast for a few hands of poker.

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