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  • Evil Dead II Alternative Movie Poster

    Evil Dead II


    “Kiss Your Nerves Good-Bye…The Sequel To The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror !”

    Incredibly rare and much sought 2015 alternative movie poster for Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead sequel…“Evil Dead II” (Dead By Dawn). What makes this super special is that has been reimagined by the same artist responsible for the original cinema poster from from 1987 – Graham Humphreys. Printed with the approval of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert it’s a stunning piece of horror artwork, as a much more experienced, Graham Humphreys is given the chance to go back and recreate his original design from twenty-eight years earlier. The composition and subject matter are perfectly suited to this landscape format and the colours just amazing as they pop from the paper. This limited edition is hand-numbered #48/250 and signed by the Humphreys. Immediately selling out when launched, this originally rolled, flat-unfolded (as issued) example displays to exceptional effect and represents a truly outstanding and extremely desirable item of collectable horror movie memorabilia with a ‘modern’ twist.

    For Eddie Shannon’s superb & informative interview with the artist Graham Humphreys click here.

    Trivia: The large demonic head Ash battles in the climax of the film, which the crew nicknamed the “rotten applehead”, was too large and cumbersome for the crew to carry back to California, so it was left in North Carolina and soon disappeared. Its whereabouts were unknown for a number of years until it was found in a Halloween haunted house attraction just outside the original shooting location of Wadesboro, North Carolina.

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