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  • The-Big-Brawl-Movie-Poster

    The Big Brawl


    Jackie Chan’s US debut !

    Jackie Chan was a huge star in the far east and Europe and it was the Robert Clouse directed (Clouse had previously directed Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon”) martial arts actioner “The Big Brawl” that introduced him to audiences in the USA. Previous kung fu / martial arts movies relied on audience excitement by having a great action poster and that caveat certainly applied to the UK quad design. The artwork used on the British campaign was exclusive to the UK and features incredible fight graphics and fantastic image of the movie’s hero Jerry Kwan (Jackie Chan). The original 1980 UK quad movie poster offered here is from first year of release and displays and presents to excellent effect. Originally folded (as issued) the colours are bright and unfaded and art action packed and exciting. With minimal handling and age wear this beautiful folded unrestored film poster is a fine example of rare and collectable original movie memorabilia.

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