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  • Black Widow Movie Poster

    Black Widow


    “Go back to where it all began. She’s Done Running From Her Past!”

    Creative design agency LA pulled out all the stops when they issued the marketing campaign posters for the Marvel Studios’ long-awaited blockbuster “Black Widow”. This original 2021 US / International style one-sheet movie poster for Marvel’s all action super hero romp is certainly impressive with Natasha Romanoff, better known as the deadly ‘Black Widow’ beautifully realised and taking centre stage; standing proud and battle ready. Originally rolled (as issued) this looks stunning and displays and presents to excellent effect. One of the best looking posters to date for any of the prolific Marvel Studios releases with spectacular imagery. A hugely important and collectable piece of movie memorabilia from the Studio that can do no wrong for if first appearances in movies follows the same trend as the comics then with their rumoured appearances in the forthcoming ‘Thunderbolts’ production of Florence Pugh, Taskmaster and Red Guardian appearing in this instalment it is a must have item that represents a fine piece of collectable modern cinema movie memorabilia.

    Trivia: Black Widow’s wrist-mounted tasers, commonly referred to as her Widow bites or gauntlets, for the first time are painted gold. This is an homage to Natasha’s classic Black Widow costume from the comics, which was an all-black suit with a gold ringed belt and gold gauntlets.

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