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  • Big Wednesday Movie Poster

    Big Wednesday


    “Could the big breaker break them up ?…Three friends. Twelve Turbulent Years. And One Day We All Must Face.”

    The only time the Californian surf culture was portrayed accurately in a Hollywood studio film. Surfing aficionados consider this John Milius written & directed movie to be one of the best surfing-related films made, in part because of the legendary surfing cinematography sequences by Greg MacGillivray and the appearance of several professional world champion surfers. Any paper from this cult movie is rare with the British UK quad being perhaps the rarest and certainly (IMHO) the best looking featuring ‘surfing the big wave’ artwork that perfectly suits the landscape format. Surfing and the surf culture surrounding it unlike in the USA was relatively unknown in 70’s Britain with a very small dedicated fanbase & following, hence the very limited cinema screenings for “Big Wednesday” resulting in these quad posters rarely being offered for sale & certainly not in this excellent condition. Originally folded, the foldlines are now virtually un-noticeable thanks to the high standard of linen backing. From first year of release, 1978 this original UK quad film poster is presented in first class condition with incredible unfaded colours and amazing surfing artwork. A beautiful example of original film movie memorabilia that represents a fantastic opportunity to purchase one of the ‘cult’ sporting posters from the 70’s.

    Trivia: Gary Busey would later star alongside Keanu Reeves, in another surfing movie, Point Break (1991), but his character never surfed. 

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