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  • Army of Darkness: Evil Dead 3 Alternative Movie Poster

    Army of Darkness: Evil Dead 3


    “Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas”

    Sam Raimi’s “Army of Darkness: Evil Dead 3” is not as rooted in the horror genre as its predecessors – although it has its horrific elements, it seems to be first and foremost a dark fantasy comedy – with lots of one-liners and slapstick and gore. It’s kind of a delirious combination of horror, comedy, fantasy, action, and adventure, but it’s definitely the horror element that comes across in this 2017 alternative movie poster from Graham Humphreys. The medieval dead and undead never looked scarier and are out in full force as the hero from the previous two instalments – Ash (Bruce Campbell) cuts a worried looking figure. Originally rolled (as issued) the example offered here is truly exceptional; This limited edition it has been signed by Humphreys and hand-numbered #48/100 and displays and presents to excellent effect with amazing imagery and deep, rich colours. The horror ‘fan-boy’ love for Sam Raimi & Bruce Campbell is well deserved with related memorabilia much sought after, making this a hugely collectable piece.

    Trivia: Released in Japan as “Captain Supermarket”.

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