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  • Last Days Movie Poster

    Last Days


    “You know, it’s kinda like… Success is subjective, you know. It could be an opinion.”

    “Last Days”, Gus Van Sant’s experimental film loosely inspired by Kurt Cobain’s, err, last days and the rock star that indie darling Michael Pitt satisfyingly embodies here. The original UK quad film poster to accompany the 2005 release was designed by the creative arts agency Shoolery Design and features a ‘grungey’ close up of Pitt. Like  many ‘art-house’ and independent releases the advertising campaign was very low key and the UK film poster that accompanied the extremely limited cinema release is truly scarce. Originally rolled this incredibly rare example displays to excellent effect and represents a highly sought after piece of collectible music/film/ memorabilia  presented in superb condition.

    Trivia: Gus Van Sant had originally intended to make a direct bio-pic of Kurt Cobain in the mid-1990’s but ran into legal obstruction from Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love. Undeterred, Van Sant met with Love to discuss some ideas for the film, as well as her possible involvement. Though the two actually became friends and discussed the film for years, Van Sant eventually realized that Love was too devastated by Cobain’s death to ever collaborate on the film or even allow a bio-pic to ever be made and adapted his ideas into this fictionalized story.

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