Karen Lynn Gorney

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  • Saturday Night Fever Movie Poster

    Saturday Night Fever


    “You make it with some of these chicks then they think you gotta dance with them”

    The influence of John Badham’s “Saturday Night Fever” cannot be understated. A cultural phenomenon that pretty much affected everyone at some point…music, dancing, fashion, attitudes & John Travolta; perfectly cast as the local walking cliche Tony Manero. And it’s the familiar title logo with the multi-lit coloured discotheque floor, John Travolta in the iconic white suite and co-star Karen Lynn Gorney that dominate this original, country of origin, 1977 UA one-sheet movie poster. Presented in the portrait format that is perfectly suited by the content. Originally tri-folded (as issued) with no central vertical foldline it displays and presents in excellent high grade condition and represents a fine item of important and influential cinema movie memorabilia…“Catch it !”

    Trivia: John Travolta used two suits in the climax of the film; he had to switch suits between takes because one would become heavily soaked with sweat and had to be dried while he was wearing the other one for subsequent takes.

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