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    The Last Victory


    “The curious title refers to the last time the district of Civetta won the Palio in 1979. Il Palio is distinctive because the jockeys do not represent the 17 districts of the Siennese region – the horses do. This film trains its eye on the Civetta community, desperate for a win in the race after a drought of over 20 years”

    John Appel’s excellent and entertaining docu-drama based upon the annual horserace called the ‘Palio’ held in the city’s center piazza (Piazza del Campo) in Siena, Italy. A very limited cinema release in ‘art-house’ & ‘independent’ theatres meant the posters for this enjoyable film are in extremely short supply, which is a shame as the design and production quality is of a very high standard. The imagery (and it’s not often I speak positively about a single image photographic film poster) is excellent, very colourful with genuine warmth and passion; the spirit of the ‘palio’ is truly embodied in it. The original UK quad film poster offered here is from first year of release 2004 and as it was originally rolled (as issued) it looks and presents to very good effect…A very rare find, this scarce, exceptional looking piece represents very collectable & desirable movie memorabilia.

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