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    Hot Fuzz


    “They’re bad boys. They’re die hards. They’re lethal weapons. They are… Hot Fuzz.”

    Original 2007 one-sheet movie poster for the Pegg/Frost/Wright collaboration “Hot Fuzz”. A poster that is genuinely scarce due to limited cinema release and like the makers’ previous collaboration “Shaun of the Dead” it has very quickly gained a cult following. “Hot Fuzz” satirises American action films in a way that an American satire would not. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg don’t simply spoof the plot threads and the car chases. They know the smaller details of Hollywood’s formula, as they exemplify with its continuous references to the scene in Point Break where Keanu Reeves fires his gun into the sky in anger and the scene in Bad Boys II where Martin Lawrence, in a circling tracking shot, says, “S*** just got real.” Not only do they tackle those less clear characteristics of Hollywood, they also perfectly portray people who talk about awesome scenes in action movies, hilariously by Nick Frost. Eye catching design by Creative Partnership of Pegg & Frost this excellent rolled example displays superbly and represents a super example of classic British cinema memorabilia.

    Trivia: As this is the second part of the Cornetto Trilogy, the blue wrapper makes its appearance in the film. Nick and Danny are seen eating vanilla flavor ice cream. According to Edgar Wright, blue represents the police, which is the main motif in the film. For Wright’s other films, Shaun of the Dead (2004), it was red and strawberry flavor, representing blood and zombies, while the final part, The World’s End (2013), it was green and peppermint with chip, representing science fiction and extraterrestrial elements.

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