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  • Alien Movie Poster

    Alien: Director’s Cut


    “In space no one can hear you scream !”

    One of the cinemas all time classic movies…Ridley Scott’s Oscar winning deep space horror “Alien”. Any paper for this film is extremely sought after with the alien ‘egg’ style, designed by creative arts agency Bemis Balkind the most recognisable. On halloween 2003 “Alien” was re-released in a remastered Director’s Cut format. Sensibly the Studio went with the original 1979 poster design and updated it by printing a small number of posters on heavy stock paper with a silver background and luminous green plastic panel (on reverse) offsetting a die-cut ‘bleeding’ edge to represent the Alien blood. The UK quad poster offered here is from this 2003 release  and it displays and presents to excellent effect being originally rolled (as issued). There is no fading with deep blacks/greens & stand out silver colour tone…Hugely collectable, a desirable piece of original film movie memorabilia from a truly influential movie that defined the face of modern sci-fi horror.

    Trivia: Dan O’Bannon‘s original draft title was “Star Beast”, but he was never happy with this. It was only after re-reading his script that he noted how many times the word “alien” appeared, and realized that it was a perfect title. It works as a noun and an adjective, and it had never been used before.

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  • Where The Wild Things Are

    Where The Wild Things Are


    “There’s One In All Of Us”

    One of my favourite advertising campaigns of 2009 was the series of posters that accompanied Spike Jonze’s adaption of Maurice Sendak’s Children’s fantasy story “Where The Wild Things Are”. With artwork & design by Mojo this original UK quad film poster is the Advance “Coming Soon” Teaser style. Originally rolled this displays superbly with truly stunning ‘monster’ imagery.

    Trivia: The creatures are being portrayed by actors in six- to eight-foot tall costumes with some additional animatronics and computer-generated faces. The costumes were created by The Jim Henson Company, who is responsible for the Muppets and the creatures from Labyrinth (1986) and The Dark Crystal.


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