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  • Badlands Movie Poster



    A beautiful British Quad for Terrence Malick’s cinematic debut “Badlands” starring Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek as the young couple on a killing spree across the ‘badlands of Montana’. This 2008 BFI (British Film Institute) re-release offering sees the original 1973 British artwork adapted to a full bleed image with no white border. It really works, resulting in a particularly powerful silhouette imagery. Presented unrestored, in originally rolled (as issued) condition, this scarce British poster rarely comes to market and represents a fine piece of cinematic memorabilia for a cult classic movie.

    Trivia: The film’s plot and lead characters are based on Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate. In 1958, they embarked on a murder spree that horrified the country.

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  • Dance Craze Movie Poster

    Dance Craze


    The original footage for the film was shot during 1980 and followed Madness, The Specials, The Selecter, The Bodysnatchers, The Beat and Bad Manners on tour throughout the UK and then released by director Joe Massot as “Dance Craze” in 1981 and gives it’s audience no time to catch their breath, cutting from one song to the next in the bat of an eye. This original UK quad from the recent 2023 BFI remastered re-release features some incredible art, finished in black & white to reflect the 2-Tone influence. Originally rolled (as issued) this displays to excellent effect being totally original and unrestored and presented in a very high grade. Being such a limited release these posters are particularly scarce and represents a hugely desirable item of music related cinematic memorabilia.


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  • Pandora's Box Movie Poster

    Pandora’s Box


    “The Greek gods created a woman – Pandora. She was beautiful and charming and versed in the art of flattery. But the gods also gave her a box containing all the evils of the world. The heedless woman opened the box, and all evil was loosed upon us.”

    One of the great silent films, Georg Wilhelm Pabst’s “Pandora’s Box” is renowned for its sensational storyline, sparkling Weimar-period setting and the legendary, lead performance from its iconic star Louise Brooks who is featured prominently on the poster imagery. As a general rule BFI re-release posters are incredibly scarce due to limited print runs and distribution, being shown in literally a handful of independent and ‘art-house’ cinemas with the updated imagery often superior to many of the original release designs. The rolled (as issued) UK quad offered here is from the 2020 digital restoration BFI release and displays to excellent effect with beautiful imagery and design; lovely bright bold colours. A fantastic looking item and a fine piece of cinema memorabilia for a true classic of the silent era.

    Trivia: Despite being replaced by Louise Brooks at the last minute for the role of Lulu in Pandora’s Box (1929), Marlene Dietrich managed to snag another coveted role. Her removal from “Pandora’s Box” freed her up to play one of her most iconic roles, Lola Lola in Josef von Sternberg‘s The Blue Angel (1930).

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