1996 Re-Release

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  • Vertigo Movie Poster



    “Alfred Hitchcock engulfs you in a whirlpool of terror and tension!”

    One of the most defining cinematic images of the 20th century, Saul Bass’ spiral poster design for this classic 1958 Alfred Hitchcock thriller “Vertigo” has become synonymous with the film. Bass’s intention to convey the feeling of vertigo through this design is clearly felt in his simple and stylish graphics, symbolising the downward spiral of events in the movie’s timeline. The fourth and final time that James Stewart would work with Alfred Hitchcock, with both turning in career-defining performances. “Vertigo” consistently makes the shortlist for ‘Greatest Movie of All-Time’ with the influential movie magazine ‘Sight & Sound’ making it their Number One film of all time. From the 1996 re-release this one-sheet is a beautiful example of a sought-after piece of important movie memorabilia. The bold red colour is bright with deep black lettering and bright white background and border. Originally rolled (as issued) this looks and displays to excellent effect, absolutely stunning; the classic vortex design is truly eye-catching. Guaranteed original this represents an extremely scarce item of modern original collectable movie memorabilia from a truly remarkable film.

    Trivia: The opening title sequence designed by Saul Bass makes this the first movie to use computer graphics.

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